Movie marketer, Kazim Adeoti has broken silence on rumours that Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe broke up his first marriage.

Adeoti clarified that Mercy did not snatch him from his wife but that as a Muslim, he has every right to marry another wife.

Speaking with Media Room Hub in a viral interview, Adeoti clarified that he and his first wife were not separated and are working things out.

Adeoti said: “She didn’t snatch me, I’m a full-grown adult

“My family is in the US and I shuffle between US and Nigeria but we are good together, not separated and everything is under control and fine.

“I’m a Muslim and my religion permits me to marry more than one wife.”

On how he met Mercy, she said: “We were business partners for 10 years, Mercy is a confidant, truthful and would not betray you.

“I gave her money for a movie and she returned the balance, I was impressed by that and decided to keep up with her in terms of a relationship.

“From the bad experience from her bad marriage I advised her not to leave her marriage but she asked if I’ll advise her to be in an abusive relationship if she was my sister.

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