A political pressure group, Tambuwal Consolidation Team, TCT, has urged Nigerians to look in the direction of Sokoto state governor, Aminu Tambuwal in their search for a new President in 2023, saying the Nigerian youths have been betrayed by their political leaders and are afraid of what the future holds for them in the coming political dispensation.

This is even as the group expressed worry over what is called worrisome divisions amongst political and ethnic groups in the country in the past few years.

This desperate moves by the political forces/interests, the group warned,
may lead to a divided Nigeria if not addressed.

In a statement signed by its national coordinator, Buhari Dasuki and national secretary, Fabian Okoye, TCT vowed to rally millions of Nigerians for Tambuwal to give the country a new direction in government.

A Tambuwal Presidency, the TCT stressed, will restore a sense of oneness, patriotism and unity in Nigerians.

The statement read: “Our youths are frustrated, afraid of the future and feeling betrayed by the political leaders.

“The leadership at the national level has been uninspiring, indecisive and lacking strategic thinking and focus. Nigeria is in urgent need of a new direction; needs a focused, innovative and decisive leader to steady the country and place it on the path to sustainable development.

“We can confidently state that he (Tambuwal) embodies all the qualities we need in a Nigerian President for this challenging time”, it said.

Continuing, the group said, “Governor Tambuwal has traversed the legislative and executive policy spaces. He led the House of Representatives as Speaker at a very turbulent period in the history of Nigeria.

“He restored the prestige of the legislature and was responsive to the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians. His legislative experience will come in handy if he becomes President.

“Governor Tambuwal is a steady hand. He has shown that he is capable of providing strong, progressive and steadfast leadership. His record in the House of Representatives is unassailable.

“Governor Tambuwal is an acclaimed bridge builder and unapologetic unifier. He is in a good position to deploy his skills and warm disposition to bring our people together,” it added.

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