A red ball is unmistakable amongst a stack of white balls. Such theory is universally accepted because of its validity. It’s inherent characteristics a major tool for distinction. From one generation to the other, humanity is graced with the presence of personalities worthy of citing analogies parallel to a distinct red ball amidst white ones. People who stand out amongst a vast majority in character, knowledge and competence. Step forward Chief David Edevbie, three time commissioner of finance in Delta State.Worthy of induction into the rare breed of technocrats, Mr. Edevbie has indeed paid his dues as an important cog in the mechanics of nation building. Having studiosly applied himself to the pursuit of knolwdge and enlightenment, his journey has seen him submit to learning in some of the world’s renowned citadels like the Harvard and Cardiff buisness schools after a profitable time at the University of Lagos, making him a competent force in economics and finance as tools for national impact.

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