But shouldn’t the social media network be doing that everywhere?

Facebook has reported taking down a network of Russian-backed accounts that have been spreading misinformation about the war in Ukraine. The network ran several websites posing as independent news outlets, including fake personas across multiple social media platforms.

“In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, our teams have been on high alert to identify emerging threats and respond as quickly as we can,” wrote Facebook. “In the last 48 hours, we uncovered a relatively small network of about 40 accounts, Pages, and Groups on Facebook and Instagram. They were operated from Russia and Ukraine and targeted people in Ukraine across multiple social media platforms and through their own websites.”


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To take down the operation, Facebook banned associated accounts and blocked the domains of the websites the network used to share misinformation. Facebook also gave information regarding the network to government authorities and researchers. Fewer than 4000 Facebook accounts were connected with the network, and many of the stories published were actively trying to demoralize Ukrainians by saying “the West betraying Ukraine and Ukraine being a failed state.”

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