In less than 24 hours the world celebrates St. Valentine’s Day yet again as usual for centuries. It is a Day lovers take to town to express love for one another. While it is generally upheld as the day of love, it means different things to different people. It is, however, interesting to know what some entertainment divas think of the day, what they plan to do and their very idea of love and what it means to them. Verily, Valentine’s Day is only tomorrow.

Love is a beautiful thing —Actress, Temidayo Babatunde

While she admits she has no specific plan for the day, she says that she believes in the celebration of the St. Valentine’s Day because of its unique, inspiring and touching story.

“Love is a beautiful thing that should be shown and felt as it makes the world beautiful. Although, I am of the opinion that showing love should not be restricted to a specific date. Love should be shared hourly, daily, monthly and every day of our lives and it should be reciprocated,” she says.

“Love is a beautiful thing. I am passionate about love as I am love personified. It is good to love and be loved. I love love and I advocate that everyone should share love with their loved ones,” she adds.

Love is natural gift to humans —Actress Ejine Okoroafor

Actress Ejine Okoroafor won’t be in Nigeria to celebrate the lovers’ day as she would be shopping for her fashion store in Istanbul, Turkey, but she definitely holds some cheery views about the day, even going down memory lane to pluck out some loving moments.

“To be honest, nothing beats love! It is a natural gift to humans. It feels good to be in love and also to be loved back. No matter how much I have been hurt, I will never give up on love. My advice is for everyone to feel it, enjoy it because life is too short.

Celebrating at home, no boyfriend, no fiance —Skit maker, Kofankii

Instagram sensation and content creator, Kofankii Efunke says the day is to celebrate love, share love, give love, and receive love. However, there are no romantic destinations for the voluptuous beauty to celebrate with anyone.,

“I will celebrate it at home alone with a movie on Netflix and a bottle of red wine since I am single and have no fiance or boyfriend. I believe in love. Love is real. You only have to find your soulmate. To me, love is caring and looking beyond the mistakes of your partner,” she submits.

Love is special to me —Singer/actress, Sandra Ifudu

Singer and actress Sandra Ifudu does not mince words on her belief in love. She says the day is set aside to celebrate love specially even though love is to be celebrated everyday.

“Of course, I believe in love. Like I said, love is a beautiful thing and it makes the world go round. Love is special to me because I can’t even imagine this world without love in the first place,” she says.

I will accept a date with any available gentleman —Actress, Chesan Nze

Actress, Chesan Nze certainly has some lofty thoughts about St. Valentine’s Day as she intends to show love to orphans in some hospices as well as sharing gifts with family and friends. But that doesn’t mean this fair-skinned beauty won’t be spoiling herself a little.

“I will treat myself to good music, lovely meals and sweet wine. I will accept a date with any available gentleman because I plan to leave the single market soon and pray work doesn’t ruin a special Val’s date this time. I believe in love, love to me means a great interest, pleasure or strong affection towards a person or thing. love is a beautiful feeling that causes our body to release a flood of feel-good chemicals that trigger special physical reactions,” she states.

I love everything about Valentine’s Day — Influencer, Eva Adaeze

“Yes I do. Belief is an understatement, I love everything about Valentine’s Day . Apart from the fact that it is mainly of Christian origin (feast of St. Valentine), I believe in Cupid and everything love stands for .Even though here in Nigeria people do too much, I really don’t blame them .What’s that saying about doing whatever rocks your boat,” Eva Adaeze squeals

“I’ll be partaking in some exclusive intimate activities, don’t ask what? I expect my box of roses wrapped up in plenty of dollars as usual. Love means compassion, it means being able to see someone else as yourself. I’ll just end it with a verse from Miley Cyrus’s lyrics from the song ‘Someone else’”, she adds.

I love unconditionally everyday —Actress Nneoma Okoro

Actress Nneoma Okoro doesn’t believe in the celebration of Valentine’s Day because, according to her, love shouldn’t have any special day.

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